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Our Academic Philosophy

Committed to kindness with a Christian worldview and a broad curriculum, The Academy of Coastal Carolina believes strongly in maintaining small class sizes, sourcing the best faculty available, and providing students with a wealth of opportunities for personal, physical, and spiritual enrichment.


Eary Childhood Education

Preschool - Our half-day, 3-year-old program is a structured, yet fun, learning experience for our youngest students, with a focus on hands-on learning.

Transitional Kindergarten - The Academy's Transitional Kindergarten program for four- and five-year-olds offers a curriculum that includes pre-writing and pre-reading activities as well as math skills.

Kindergarten - Our full-day kindergarten program combines excitement and discovery with a strong, Biblically integrated plan. In this setting, students are engaged in hands-on activities related to a variety of themes throughout the year and will expand upon their writing, reading, and math skills.

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Elementary School students

Elementary Education

In 1st-5th grades, each child is developing at different rates in all areas. Here at ACC, we strive to use individualized instruction, along with exemplary proven practices, to enhance the learning and development of the whole child. This early education program provides hands-on learning, as well as other learning styles, to accommodate each child's best way of comprehending material. This foundation is crucial in assuring students are prepared for the next level of their schooling.


Middle School

The middle school program helps students make the transition from childhood to maturity in grades 6, 7 and 8. Because students have begun to think more analytically, the curriculum focuses on logic, encouraging students to pay attention to cause and effect and to the relationships between different areas of knowledge. Our goal is to prepare our middle school students for high school and beyond, while sparking interest in a variety of subject areas and potential careers, helping each to develop a moral compass that will guide them for a lifetime. Galatians 5:22-23

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High School

Our goal is to prepare students for successful college careers and futures as leaders. A blended, technologically connected environment allows The Academy to meet the individual learning requirements of each high school student. The Academy offers the courses recommended by the state of North Carolina, led by highly-qualified instructors specializing in secondary education. The curriculum exposes high school students to a variety of advanced courses, extracurriculars, athletics, and social activities to prepare students for the college setting. A partnership with Brunswick Community College also enables students to take college-level courses not traditionally offered during high school, receiving college credits in advance of high school graduation. Homeschool partnerships and tutoring in a variety of subject areas are also available.​


After School

The Academy of Coastal Carolina offers an after school program for current Academy students in kindergarten and up. After school is offered Monday-Thursday until 5:30pm.

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