Small Class Sizes

At The Academy, our goal is to educate the whole child, promoting academic, spiritual and personal growth. Our students are given the opportunity to develop their unique talents in a safe learning environment. Small classes and a curriculum that is designed to meet their individual learning styles help students achieve their academic potential.

Extraordinary Faculty

Every teacher at The Academy is highly qualified in their subject or grade area. We believe this is an essential requirement for any school, and it is the only way to ensure proper preparation for other learning environments that students may enter following The Academy.

EnrIchment and Athletics

From STEM learning programs to fine arts enrichment and athletics, The Academy of Coastal Carolina offers students a variety of opportunities for academic exploration and personal growth.

"Personalized education is at the very core of who we are,
setting us apart."

Dear Future Academy Parent,

We thank you for the time you've already invested in learning more about The Academy of Coastal Carolina. Deciding how best to educate your child is one of the most impactful decisions with long-term outcomes a parent can make. Simple words and images cannot do justice to the heart of The Academy, so we encourage you to take a tour of our school to see for yourself. Our goal is that your child will flourish academically, physically, and spiritually. Prayerful consideration is given to each child’s academic and emotional needs. Personalized education is at the very core of who we are, setting us apart. We are a Christian school that teaches the importance of kindness, compassion, love, courtesy, humility, respect, honesty, and perseverance. With a broad curriculum, including an emphasis on fine arts and technology, our students will be given the opportunity to achieve personal growth. It is a personal challenge and expectation that every member of our ACC family work together with kindness and respect to help make each school year productive and exciting!

Theresa Cox, Head of School


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