STEM & Enrichment


Science, Technology, Engineering & math

Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math enrichment programs are designed to be an integral part of each grade level's curriculum. Students in kindergarten through high school will experience a hands-on learning approach that provides an opportunity to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem-solving through technology and critical thinking. It is about creativity, collaboration, motivation, and self-direction. Students will be encouraged to solve real-world problems through improvisation, discovery, and playful learning experiences with educational relevance. The Academy has the ability to connect students instantly with classrooms and subject-matter experts around the world. Students will also enjoy a nearly one-to-one device ratio, making technology-enhanced assessment, review, and reinforcement part of the classroom every day.


Fine Arts & Enrichment

Exposure to the arts results in well-rounded students. All Academy students in all grades receive arts enrichment options, including music instrument instruction, music theory, musical theater, handbell choir, and art.

Students attend chapel daily at Christian School

Bible & ChapEl

Christian enrichment, grounded in the Bible, is incorporated every day at the Academy. All students attend chapel and weekly Bible class.


Physical Education

Outside play and physical activity are essential in educating happy, healthy children. The Academy offers PE, as well as sports programs and after-school clubs, to meet each child's needs for physical activity.

The Academy offers athletics and golf

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